MMA. Zhang retaliated Jędrzejczyk for the hurtful words about the coronavirus

At the tournament, leading the American League mixed martial arts UFC 248 has held a world title fight minimum division among women between the Chinese valley Zhang and polka Ioannou Jędrzejczyk. Defending champion from China won a split decision.

the Fight turned out to be extremely combative, rivals clubbing each other and the results of five rounds the referees split decision awarded the victory Zhang– 47:48, 48:47, 48:47. We will remind that the champion some time ago left China to avoid contact with people infected with the coronavirus.

Jędrzejczyk also used this theme to “warm up” the interest in the fight and went too far. Joanna posted on social networks a poster for the match against Zhang, where she was pictured in a gas mask. Polka later deleted the post, but the Chinese still took offense, so the match both competitors were very motivated. It turned out that Zhang retaliated Polke for the insult.