Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin supported the project on creation of scientific-educational center in the village of Paratunka on the Kamchatka Peninsula, according to the government of the region.

The project was presented by the founder of the cultural-educational center “Vulcanian” in the regional center Sergei Samoilenko, reported on the website of the government of Kamchatskiy Krai.

It is planned that at creation of the campus will be used advanced scientific technology: it will be modern and eco-friendly. For example, visitors will see how you can use the thermal water from the solar collector. In the center there will pass the foresight sessions, conferences and forums, including with the participation of students from the best universities in the country. The activities will be to develop projects in the natural development of the Kamchatka region.

“This center will help make the Kamchatka attractive to young people. They realize that life in this region poses interesting and challenging tasks, and solutions can then be applied in other areas of the country and the world. He also will contribute to the development of the tourism industry – by attracting people to participate in events and thanks to the worked – out solutions,” said Sergey Samoilenko.

The centre’s activities will begin this fall. Kamchatka will come the students of the Ranepa, which defended the most significant projects of social entrepreneurship. Perhaps some of their ideas will find application in the Peninsula. However, Federal support will help to make the project really ambitious and bring to the task of development of Kamchatka the best minds in the country.

“I think the idea is cool, – said Mikhail Mishustin. I would most definitely visit. What you told is fascinating. So good. Svetlana Cumshewa supports this project, and ASI will continue to engage in them. And the Board of Trustees – what you asked – it is necessary to Vladimir Vladimirovich Yakushev came in and even our colleagues. From the Ministry of education and science, possibly from the Ministry of natural resources, Federal Agency for tourism”.

The Prime Minister announced that the head of the Kamchatka region have already found a suitable site to accommodate scientific and educational center. Vladimir Solodov focused on the importance of this project for development of the region.

“it’s not even in that plot of land. We do have area Paratunka, which is in a derelict condition for many years, where we will be happy such forms to develop. But this is only a part, – said Vladimir Solodov. – For me, the priority of the first order is the creation of points of attraction, magnets for kids, for youth. It is not just land with the campground and the campus, which we will do later, but sounding all over the country point of attraction, in which people actu��about will know that Kamchatka is a place where not only you can watch the bears or to catch fish, but to change their minds”.

The Prime Minister at the meeting with the public in the Peter and Paul fortress-Kamchatsky discussed with the head of the region and representatives of airlines, the problems of small aircraft.

The head of Kamchatka Krai Vladimir Solodov emphasized that the small aircraft, especially helicopters, to the region is of particular importance.

“For Kamchatka helicopters – a vital necessity. They conduct medical missions, and suppression of fires and the delivery of our residents in the most remote villages,” – said the head of the region.

The head of Russia’s largest private helicopter company “Vityaz-Aero” Viktor Sirotin appealed to the head of the Russian government with a request to provide assistance to such enterprises, the renewal of the aircraft fleet and the implementation of irregular transportations.

“On the territory of Kamchatka to move mainly only by air. Ground transportation here is still only developing. Ratio of air population, we’ve probably had one of the highest in the Far East. Above only in Yakutia. But all aircraft on Kamchatka has come to the deadline of operation. One of the solutions help airlines to update fleet. This opportunity is for the resolution of the government dated 13 December 2011, which is subject to the grant of lease payments on acquisition of aircraft. But this decree stated only planes, helicopters there. And we have no helicopters anywhere”, – said Victor Sirotin.

He also asked to include support for irregular air transport in remote regions and Extreme Northern regions.

“Regularity in Kamchatka depends on weather conditions and the possibility of receiving airports that are located in remote settlements of the region. The regularity of transportation we can say, conditional. If there is a weather – definitely a helicopter and an airplane fly, here the questions arise,” – said the head of the company.

Mikhail Mishustin agreed with the Aviator and put the government to consider measures to support small aircraft.

“it is Absolutely obvious that the Kamchatka special relationship from the point of view of the possibility of scheduled flights. Obviously, they just can’t be regular. Let’s see what we can do. I corresponding instruction to return the ladies and the Russian government, and colleagues from the Ministry of transport. And in General, let’s see what we can do to subsidize, in order to service small aircraft was available here for the residents of Kamchatka. So, when the weather allows, everything could work and relax, �� to do tourist trips. Let us upon arrival, please ask our departments to work on this issue”, – said the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.

We will remind, the Chairman of the government Mikhail Mishustin arrived in Kamchatka on Thursday, August 13. He visited a number of facilities, including regional hospital name Lukashevskogo and fishing collective farm named after Lenin, and held a meeting on the power industry and the gasification of the Far East.