Mishustin smashed governors for their unwillingness to coronavirus

Michael Mishustin has criticized governors, which formally reacted to the suppression of coronavirus. The results of preparation for a massive influx of patients, in his words, “can hardly be regarded as satisfactory”. Among the Laggards for various reasons, the government called Omsk, Belgorod, Orel, Penza, Ivanovo, Novgorod and Tver oblasts, Stavropol and Altai Krai, Republic of Tyva. Lost officials, as previously warned Vladimir Putin, face charges for negligence.

governors in less than a week to prepare the local health system to combat coronavirus. By 28 April in the country should be created a total of 95 thousand specialized hospital beds and formed stocks of medicines, protective equipment and teams of specialists.

At the meeting of the coordination Council Mikhail Mishustin has reminded that 33 billion requested by the regional authorities for these purposes were allocated in a timely manner. “But, unfortunately, many took the task of formally – stated the Prime Minister, – the Calculation of some regions and not confirmed”. Therefore, the results of which are to date hardly satisfactory.

Minister of health Michael Murashko said that problems with the training of hospital beds (especially with oxygen) is in Omsk, Belgorod, Orel and Tver areas, and also Stavropol territory. “These regions must be mobilized to protect their citizens,” he said.

But Komi Republic, which once stood in the “black list” and even lost because of this Governor Gaplikov, problems, according to him, is no more. The native of Ministry of health Vladimir Uiba was able to quickly solve tasks.

In turn, the head of Minpromtorg Denis Manturov complained Mishustin in Amur oblast, Altai Krai and the Republic of Tuva, who for some reason did not apply for the purchase of personal protective equipment. “They may, of course, decide the issue on their own, he suggested, Is that such inactivity has not led to the fire.” Manturov warned that if somewhere suddenly “up” promptly to ensure the supply of protective clothing and equipment will be “simply impossible”.

According to Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, a number of regions there is a systemic problem with the development of transfers from the Federal budget. Primarily it refers to Penza, Ivanovo and Novgorod regions. “Many regions have concluded agreements with hospitals and gave them money. But we don’t see from the Federal budget, as these funds are further involved”, – said Siluanov.

He also noted that some contracts delivery of equipment have deadlines in June and September. “Colleagues, this is simply unacceptable! We need more right now to ensure the availability of beds to receive patients!” – appealed to the governors of the Minister of Finance.

overall, However, the development of the situation with the spread of the coronavirus have not yet become a concern to the authorities. Mr. Murashko called it “controlled” and at the same time denied the rumors that the mobilization to fight against the new infection, led to failures in other areas of medical care (About this, in particular, said Russian organization of patients). The overall mortality rate in the country, according to the head Menstrua, 4.5% lower than a year earlier on the same date. With regard to fatality from the coronavirus, it is today still less than 1%.

Murashko said that all of the infected are included in a special information system, which allows you to track where and at what stage of treatment they are. In the future ill COVID-19 will be invited to donate plasma blood transfusion which can relieve the serious condition of the patients. Because doctors have found that not all the plasma is suitable for this purpose, the potential donor will first be tested at the blood transfusion stations. The development of an appropriate test system, according to Murashko, will be completed in the next week.