Mishustin said about the lack of shortages of products in stores

the Meeting was held in videoconference mode. One of the main themes were the issues of support and development of agro-industrial complex and ensuring food security.

Photo: RIA Novosti Why does food from the supermarket so long to deliver

the head of the government stressed that the results which shows agriculture in the last few years, are really impressive. Such successes are key to that food shortages there. “This large harvests, and success in meeting the challenges of food security and export increase of agricultural products and food,” he explained.

Even now, when in a number of industries due to coronavirus decreased business activity, the sowing campaign goes according to plan, – said Mikhail Mishustin. And the stores do not have food shortages, despite the recent temporary surge in demand.

He stressed that the issues of development of agriculture are constantly in the agenda of the government.