a starts Today working trip of Chairman of the government Michael mishustina in the far East. For the week the Prime Minister plans to visit four of the region spend about three dozen meetings, including industry, to understand the most important problems of the country and "point" bottlenecks hindering its development.

In the chart the head of the government – Chukotka, Kamchatka Krai, Magadan and Amur region. The objects range from hospitals, greenhouses, and fishing farms to power plants and mining plants. The trip will be extremely challenging in terms of logistics. For movement will involve not only the government side, but also helicopters, watercraft.

Premiere long since I’ve done such long trips in the regions. As a rule, "okutani", as they call such events the journalists were limited to a few days – one day on the subject. Michael Mishustin has chosen a fundamentally new format. That is, full immersion. To work in the far East, the Prime Minister will begin immediately after the eight hour flight without a pause for rest. Together with the head of the government in the region came to the fore half of the Cabinet. As it became known "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" in the list of participants of the working trip mishustina more than 60 people, including Vice-premiers (they will hold their meetings), Ministers and their deputies. In fact, it will complete offsite strategic session of the Cabinet. The key to the region Deputy Prime Minister – Plenipotentiary representative of Russian President in far Eastern Federal district Yuri Trutnev – remains in Moscow. Tests, put them on the coronavirus before the trip, showed a positive result. If further testing confirms the diagnosis Trutnev will participate in meetings remotely.

In the composition of troops, took off from Moscow, the heads of major Russian companies and development institutions: Chairman of the Board "Gazprom" Alexei Miller, CEO, Chairman of the Board "Russian Railways" Oleg Belozerov, President "Transneft" Nikolay Tokarev, Chairman of VEB.Of the Russian Federation Igor Shuvalov, the General Director of "development Fund of the Far East and the Arctic," Alex Chekunov.

In the list of participants of the working trip of more than 60 employees, Vice – premiers, Ministers and their deputies

It is expected a full staff of governors of Far East regions. And each of them, the Prime Minister will be at least two touches: at the meeting on electric power and gas supply to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and on the development of the far East – Blagoveshchensk. Mikhail Mishustin will hold a series of "small-sided games" with the heads of regions. In addition, he will meet with representatives of the public and citizens to hear their ideas for RAthe development of the Far East and learn about the results "far Eastern acres" and preferential mortgage under 2%. The main purpose of these meetings is to focus on the existing problems and to understand how they can be overcome.

The far East is one of the first regions that Mikhail Mishustin visited the office of President of the government. This trip, he announced in July in his annual report to the state Duma.

In September, the government is going to finally adopt a National programme of development of the Far East for the period up to 2024 and for the perspective until 2035. Mishustin, in his own words, wanted to personally ensure that all proposals for development of this territory in the National program are taken into account, and that she herself is as close as possible to the needs of people who live and work there.

The government is going to offer system approach to the development of the Far East. The program should be a response to long-standing problems of the region: the outflow of population, lack of infrastructure and decent living conditions, high prices and isolation from the main territory of the country.