Miro struck Rudkovskaya and Bondarchuk

Recently Yana Rudkovskaya wrote about the author’s program of Svetlana Bondarchuk.

Rudkovskaya admitted that preparing for the birth of a child

“Smashed to smithereens with a very serious girls who are 40 plus in the author’s program of Svetlana Bondarchuk all the haters that diskriminerad women by age and promotes ageism. Why women over 40 cannot be love, to be loved, to have children, to be photographed in swimsuits and wearing a mini, lead an active lifestyle ?!”

Controversial blogger Lena Miro did not miss the opportunity to speak on this occasion.

“recently Yana Rudkovskaya, Sveta Bondarchuk and a few other zapoloshnye grandmothers spoke out against ageism. Let’s talk about ageism seriously, without confused the cluck, characteristic of women of questionable mental abilities,” she writes in her LiveJournal.

Miro believes that in 55 years, women can do anything – even run for President.

But Yana and Svetlana, according to Lena, just want to compete with 20-year-old, posting retouched their pictures in bikinis and mini.

Their goal is the pursuit of eternal youth, because for them the most important thing in life is their sex appeal. Hence, carefully disguised as young with the help of photo editors.

And what, then, is the fight against ageism can be, asks Miro?

“If you really, grandma, do not ajesty, then it shouldn’t photoshopthe yourself!”

“Why men don’t really care about age discrimination? Yes, because they used to make … head. They absolutely violet that there is some thinking … about their Asses and knees. And in this respect women can learn from men. However, there is” – sums up the blogger.

As reported by “the Rambler”, Lena Miro published in his “Live journal” post about Kandelaki and Reshetova.

She said that these different age and social position of girls is the main character trait that allows you to put them in a row. Is opportunism.