After a difficult start to Big Ten play, Luke Loewe is now in his stride.

Loewe is now a friend of the 3-pointer, as evident by his 6-for-10 performance at long range for Gophers in their latest game.

Loewe will soon return to his other element: hunting for 3-pounders, as in bass.

Eric Curry, a teammate, said that he is experiencing withdrawals because he hasn’t fished for I don’t know how long.

Loewe, a 6-foot-4 guard from William & Mary, is having a great week.

On Wednesday night, Minnesota hosts Wisconsin 13th in the rankings. This is a rematch of the Badgers’ match and Loewe has another chance to defeat the home-state team who didn’t want him out Fond du Lac High School.

He said that he was looking forward to the next one, and “getting another chance at them.”

Loewe, along with his amateur-angler teammate, will be going to Lake Minnetonka on Thursday.

Loewe sees fishing as more than a hobby. Loewe has aspirations to fish professionally and has his own YouTube channel Bass & Buckets, which features plenty of shop talk and good humor.

Jason Loewe was his father and taught Loewe the ropes of the trade at the age of 6. Since then, Loewe has had a love for the rod, the reel, and basketball as well. Loewe was just a teenager when he won the junior national bass fishing championship

Loewe enjoyed plenty of fishing last summer and autumn, even though the weather was getting colder.

Loewe deadpanned while a tour team facilities was being recorded for one of his YouTube videos. He had “bass thumb,” which is a result of the skin being too raw after handling so many wet fish.

Loewe was one of the 10 incoming Gophers transfers this season. This made him the most popular among all power conference programs. He had to quickly adjust to new teammates and better competition. It was easy to get along with the team. More mixed results were seen on the court.

The Gophers’ January schedule was brutal after a start of 10-1. They faced Illinois, Indiana and Michigan State. They lost all four while Loewe was only 5 for 25 from down the floor.

In the 10 previous games, however, Loewe has averaged 12.6 points and shot 44.7% from 3-point range. Loewe scored 24 points in Saturday’s victory over Northwestern.

Loewe stated that it was the best basketball game she’d ever been to. “Things were going just right for us. Everyone was playing the right game.”

Loewe was in a shooting slump and Ben Johnson, Gophers coach, advised him to be more relaxed about his shots, and to ignore the internal pressure to win the perfect game.

Johnson stated, “I told him, You’ve got back to when youre like a child at the park.'” Johnson laughed.

His confidence is back, thanks to the message. Loewe was reunited with his family in Minnesota and Wisconsin, so he will have a lively support group on Wednesday. Loewe stated that “they like to take photos” and could be the last to leave the court following the obligatory poses.

Loewe stated, “That’s why I’m usually the last to give my jersey to managers.”

Despite the difficult transition Johnson made for the Gophers, the team will have to make it through the season with Loewe and seven more seniors. Loewe, Payton Willis and E.J. are also leaving the guards. Stephens will all continue their journey in the next month.

Johnson stated, “We really hit the jackpot with those three guys backcourt,” Johnson added.