Ministers of Argentina and Brazil discussed the silting up of Iguazu falls

the situation around the almost dried-up waterfall, discussed the foreign Minister of Argentina, Felipe Sola and his Brazilian counterpart Ernesto araújo. The famous waterfalls from the beginning of April remained almost without water. Such a phenomenon was not observed in 2006. Agreements the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

“To the Brazilian hydropower plant will create reserves of water, and to use them in case of a deficit in the city of Puerto Iguazu and mitigate the effects of the recession of water in the Iguazu falls” – with reference to the statement of the Agency RIA Novosti reported.

As the Manager told Park iguazú (Argentina), Sergio Acosta, one of the reasons for the shallowing of the steel dam in the iguaçu river, located on the Brazilian side. The closure of the gateways to generate energy and for irrigation has changed the water circulation of the stream.

Iguazu Falls – a complex of 275 waterfalls, which shape is now very different. Instead of turbulent streams with cliffs, dripping thin streams and some waterfalls and even dried up. It is expected that this situation will persist until may.