Not every retiree can make ends meet financially in old age. To supplement the cash register, many use a part-time job. Clever retirees can even significantly increase their additional income without involving the tax authorities.

A minor job (“mini job”) offers pensioners several advantages: mini-jobbers are allowed to collect up to 520 euros per month tax-free, as the responsible federal employment agency emphasizes. Important: The statutory minimum wage also applies to mini-jobs. Since October 2022, it has been EUR 12 gross per hour worked. In purely mathematical terms, the threshold of EUR 520 income is reached with 43.3 working hours per month.

Employers normally pay a flat rate of two percent wage tax for mini-jobbers, so that retirees can get away with not paying their own taxes. Income taxes only apply if the employer does not pay the lump sum. But be careful: If the mini-jobber pays the tax himself, it is due at his personal tax rate. And that is definitely higher than two percent!

There are special cases in which mini-jobs retirees can increase their monthly tax- and social security-free additional income: This applies to trainers in sports clubs as well as trainers, educators or supervisors as part of the trainer flat rate. In these cases, the monthly amount increases by 250 euros, without taxes and duties being incurred. This explains the “Handelsblatt”. This means that a “model” mini-jobber already achieves tax-free income of 770 euros per month.

But even more is possible: Anyone who takes on a voluntary position can collect an additional 70 euros per month tax-free.

If you add up all these possible tax-free additional incomes, then the following applies: Retirees who work as trainers and have a mini-job as well as volunteering can earn up to 840 euros per month tax-free.

Granted, that combination may not apply to too many retirees. But if you can take advantage of these opportunities, you should definitely do so.

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