In the night on Sunday (29. March) it’s that time of year again: The clocks are changed to summer time. The pointer jump from two to three o’clock.

While some fret over the lost hour of sleep, the other about the approaching summer.

as soon As the temperatures rise, can sit the longer evenings are finally back to a cozy get-together, short grilling or sports in the fresh air if with a view to the Corona-pandemic is possible and allowed.

Mini-jet lag affects the body

more and more people are disturbed by the erratic Back-and-Forth seems to have for many, no deeper meaning.

Because even though an hour doesn’t sound too much, it can bring the internal clock of the body sustained from the stroke.

A FIT-FOR-FUN survey in cooperation with the opinion research Institute Civey shows how the time of power conversion in the case of German is noticeable.

the survey took part in the investigation period from the 10.03.2020 to 22.03.2020 5.004 people.

Every Second to feel the impact of the changeover

The time change to fit the rhythm of the day felt to the outer circumstances: it Is more light outside, you remain awake longer. It is dark, you have to go to bed earlier.

Whether this principle should be followed sinnhaftig more, is controversial. After all, many people feel a negative impact on their physical Constitution.

The representative results of the survey clearly show: Around 50 percent of people complain of no change due to the conversion.

you, or 43.8 percent, have to physically fight with the Mini-jet lag-to-face, however.

Older people are more sensitive

the younger generations seem to the time change better holster than the older.

33 per cent, notice of the 18 – to 29-Year-old just a negative impact, it is in the 30 – to 39-Year-old almost 45 percent and 40 – to 49-Jjährigen even 53 percent.

after a certain age, the sensitivity seems to decrease again. In the 65 Years and Older, the time change to create, only 38 per cent are power.

One of the widespread impact of the time change, sleep problems. Almost 45 percent of the respondents complain of sleep on a restless night, after the clock was adjusted one hour.

one in five wants to use the spring athletic

After all: one in five would like to take advantage of the longer day in the spring to drive after the grey winter months finally back in the Sport. However, women and men are motivated almost equally in the thing.

For most of the respondents. the time change, however, has no impact on the daily sports quota Around 65 percent are pursuing your training plan.

Cornelia Bertram

*The contribution of “Mini-jet-lag: The half of the German conversion suffers from the time” will be released by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.