Millionaire offered to the homeless to sleep in dumpsters

Multimillionaire from Britain claims to be the inventor for the homeless safe and dry place to sleep. Peter DOE proposes tramps spend the night in a dumpster. According to the businessman, such an invention can become popular all over the world.

a Kind of dream pod, according to DOE, very easy going. The invention consists of two garbage containers, connected to each other. To be in a quiet and safe place, you must get in one tank and cover the second. The millionaire notes that such a device will cost about $ 130 and will greatly facilitate the fate of the homeless, reports The Sun.

the Idea is to invent a sleep capsule out of dumpsters came to Peter DOE after he was trying to build from buckets electric. The businessman believes that this bed is much better sleeping-bags, in which homeless people can be kicked, pour water. In the capsule, in turn, dry and no drafts. A day in the tanks can store personal items.

the netizens did not share the point of view of the millionaire. Many thought that this invention looks humiliating. Some have interpreted this place to sleep as a joke, because Peter Dow, in fact, sends people to sleep “in the trash”.