The centrally located Gammel house in the old town of Baden, AG is striking. While the other properties were revalued in the city core over the years, nothing better to do than the yellow house on the Brenntweg 2 untouched.

The Shoe house Dosenbach-designed magazine house with Studio and horse stables is part of the sword AG. Behind the multi-million dollar dosenbach-heiress Elisabeth dosenbach from train writes, as “CH-Media”. Both the inquiries from prospective customers as well as the city of Baden let heiress Dosenbach unanswered.

Attractive situation calls for investments

The Department of planning and construction of the city of Baden as well as Councilwoman Sandra Kohler had in the last few years, several times tried in vain, a woman can brook to contact you, for the last time at the beginning of 2019. A project for a Development in 2007 remained at a preliminary plug.

Several investors are convinced of the potential of the location. But, as long as the heiress to a dog, you must bathe live with the eyesore. The first Dosenbach store was built in 1878 in Baden.

The Swiss Shoe retailer, the entry as one of the first to the Shoe store, was sold in 1973 to the German Deichmann group. The real estate, including a Prime location on Zurich’s Rennweg, remained in the possession of the can of the Bach family. (gnc)