2019 everything is different. Suddenly, the protection of the environment Mainstream. Measures such as the glacier Initiative will be supported by a majority. The FDP has become green. And the Parliament scolds the drinking water Initiative, which aims to promote organic farmers. Here it goes to the core question: How many chemical plant protection products can withstand nature?

Only is there a cross in the landscape: the subsidy policy of the Federal government, which relates to pesticides. It is not just that the state allows the various poisons – he promotes their use vigorously.

Instead of the intended eight percent VAT will be charged to the substances only with the reduced tax rate of 2.5 percent. Just like food, medicines or Newspapers.

Full instead of a reduced VAT rate to pesticides

in other words: farmers, industry, and Private benefit from lower prices for the chemical sprays. The bill pays for the public by the Loss of tax revenue.

This should now be final. From the CVP-group in the 20’s. June is an appropriate Motion has been filed. This will raise the rate of VAT for pesticides to 7.7 percent. In the current political climate, the idea of the center is likely to have a good chance.

author is the Zurich national councillor Kathy Riklin (66). “Pesticides are not food,” explains a PhD, natural scientist in your proposal. “They pollute the soil and water and should be used sparingly.” There is “no reason at all, the reduced tax rate under”.

Gift for 270 million

again and again, the hidden government support of the poison was a topic of inserts in the policy. So far, without consequences. The umbrella organization Biosuisse, for example, calls that are longer in the stop of this practice.

Revealing an Interpellation to the Basel SP-national Council of Beat Jans (54) 2016. In reply to Jans’ procedural request, the administration provided an insight into the true magnitude of this subsidy: There are about 15 million tax francs, to be paid to the agricultural industry annually.

From this official indication of the extent of pesticide use in Switzerland can be extrapolated: it is per year, for about 270 million Swiss francs chemistry on meadows, Fields and plantations sprayed.

pesticides on an equal footing with food

Already in the national Council’s debate a counter-proposal for the drinking water Initiative criticized Riklin, that the chemical agents are subject to the same VAT rate as the “basic food, bread and milk – at least a normal VAT rate to pesticides is urgently needed!”

your vote was addressed to the present Federal councillor Guy Parmelin (59). As a former Wine maker and SVP-politicians of the West Swiss can do little with the current ÖkoBestrebungen.

Within the Federal authorities, the positions are not uniform – the Federal office for agriculture in the Eco-Dossier as a brakeman, the Federal office for the environment as the driver.

in 2016, expressed the administration as the answer to Beat Jans’ Interpellation, although in doubt whether a higher tax rate, causing a steering.

The officials said at the time, but also: “There is a certain contradiction to the environment objectives, if the fertilizers and pesticides are taxed for VAT at the reduced rate.”