is not Long since all consumers are aware of it: Behind the glass of milk for Breakfast, the cooking butter for Lunch and Fondue for dinner often great pain of separation is hidden. Because: the vast majority of the milk, the calves are separated directly after birth, from mother – and outside of the House in an Igloo is kept. With consequences: Often, the parent device for the separation in a panic, and the calves need to be treated with antibiotics because your immune system is weakened.

milk from mother-and-calf-attitude now

the method to rush in spite of the night in Switzerland, so is widely used, has so far been a miss clearly formulated regulation in food law. Because of this, it was unclear whether milk from cows that suckle their calves can be sold. Farmers still sold such milk, were in the grey area. The many stop at the pet-friendly and mother-calf-position (MuKa-position) switch – “out of fear, it was forbidden,” says Evelyn Scheidegger, organic farmer and co-founder of the Association Cowpassion, committed to the promotion of the MuKa attitude. This week, the Council of States has created, but for clarity: He has accepted a Motion that will eliminate the legal uncertainty and the sale of milk from MuKa attitude offi cially allowed.

“An encouraging Signal”

The Association Cowpassion you are happy about it. “But actually, the legalization comes late”, writes Scheidegger. You, yourself, has for some time successfully on MuKa-accounting (SonntagsBlick reported) and know that The changeover is worthwhile, because the demand for dairy products from the MuKa attitude is on the rise. “An encouraging Signal to the farmers to take the conversion in attack,” says Scheidegger. Also the Swiss animal protection welcomes the revision of the law. “But it is only when this Form of husbandry in the agricultural practice is widespread, we can speak of a full success.”