the Military expert Konstantin Sivkov called for more to ensure the stability of the Russian missile submarine strategic purpose (SSBNs). The expert believes that for this you need to use “military-political measures”, dragging the so-called “red line”.

to Ensure the safety of Russian submarines will help a new edition of “Fundamentals of the state policy in the field of nuclear deterrence,” says Sivkov in the “Military-industrial courier.”

So, the expert proposes to register the document, the consequences for the enemy will result in a violation of the “nuclear red line”, which gets under even the destruction of a Russian nuclear submarine.

“That is, to make an official statement that the destruction of even one of our SSBNs was seen as an unacceptable attack on our SNF [strategic nuclear forces], which we proceed to full-scale use of nuclear weapons,” — says Sivkov.

the publication is proposed to consider two or three times the absence from the submarine for the planning session the basis for the conclusion about her death. Usually, the submarine contacted every few hours.

Previously, Sivkov warned that the US has forces able to strike a crippling blow to Russia. In this case, the Americans will have to use missiles, sea-and air-based, as well as various aviation, stated the specialist.