Miley Cyrus was on a night out in her garden. The world was closed down, because the corona pandemic devastated, and thought the singer over, how lucky she was that she could get out.

But as she lay there, she could suddenly feel how her hands were cold, even though her home is located in Los Angeles, and the weather according to her was good.

She quickly realized that there was a cessation of anxiety, tells the star in an interview at the Apple Music, which she made via Facetime. It writes the Daily Mail.

the Singer came to think of all of them, not just be able to get out. She tells that it was therefore, she got the idea for her show, as she is now running on Instagram.

It’s called ‘Bright Minds’.

the Show is based on an idea, her own therapist, she has gone of for years, got.

Cyrus has so developed the idea, and now is each letter of an exercise or things to do or look at.

however, It is not just Miley Cyrus herself, you need to look at. She has invited various celebrities to participate in the show.

There’s going to be guest stars such as singer Rita Ora and actress Hillary Swank in the program.

in Addition to getting the idea for a way, as she even and also the other can get the time to go with self-development during the crisis, the Cyrus also become more aware of the things she had previously taken for granted,

“I miss the human connections. I miss opening the door for someone, and that there is someone who opens the door for me,” she says further in the interview.

‘Bright Minds’, which works as a talk show, can be captured on Miley Cyrus’ Instagram profile Monday to Friday.