The former star of the show “Ural dumplings” Yulia Mikhalkov said “Interlocutor” on the new TV show with his participation. The show, which will come in a new season on STS called “Stories”.

In the new program Mikhalkov tried on the role of “elite Celebi of the XIX century”, the teacher of the future, but also hungry strippers in the sauna, etc. – in total more than 20 images. The actress said that the show is not just entertaining: it will rise ostrosotsialnye problem. So, in one of the issues the writers raised the subject of distance education, which is widely discussed currently.

The former star of the popular TV show promised "light, airy and relevant" humor that will appeal to “children at the age from 6 to 106 years.”

Earlier, as reported by “Rambler” Yulia Mikhalkov noted that left the “Ural dumplings”, as it seeks to experience the fresh experience, and engage in new creative projects. However, she ironically has responded to the rumors that the reason for leaving the show was the unrequited love for a colleague Dmitry Bragadino. The actress stressed that her actor is just a good friend.