Mike Tyson made a comeback

Former world Boxing champion Mike Tyson has admitted that he could go in the ring for demonstration performances. It is reported by Boxing Scene.

“I Want to go back to the gym to get in shape, to spend three or four rounds in the ring in an exhibition bout for charity. Will collect money to help the same poor fellows like me,” said 53-year-old Tyson. The American admitted that sports are difficult for him.

“you’re hurting Me. It feels like I got jumped three men,” said Tyson.

Tyson has not played since 2005. He retired in 2005 after losing to Kevin McBride. Only Tyson won 50 wins (44 of them — Ko) and suffered 6 defeats.

the American had become the absolute world champion in heavy weight. In 1989 and 1990 was recognized the best boxer out of the weight categories.