Researchers from Perm national research Polytechnic University have created methods of increase of durability of products that are under high loads. This scientist has helped spark machining and additive technologies. Scientists have patented a new technology. Researchers have received a patent for the technology.

“Products of special purpose working under elevated loads. To increase their service life, to ensure constant presence of lubricant on the surfaces. To do this, they make "microporosity" special textured relief. So lubrication is not washed away in the process. The difficulty is that the details often make the small size, and of those materials that are difficult to handle. Therefore, using conventional blades to apply a "sulcus" will not work”, explains one of the developers, assistant Professor of Department of innovative mechanic engineering of PNRPU Timur Ables.

To solve this problem, Russian researchers decided to apply the technology of electrical discharge machining. It consists in treating the material with pulses of electric current. This method was used previously, but in the new study, the researchers first used geometrically-complex electrodes, synthesized with the help of a 3D printer.

Three-dimensional printing has helped the researchers to get the cutting tools. With the help of such tools, scientists have created on the surface of the parts needed relief. In addition, it was found that in the processing of work invisible to the human eye microwell — small holes, similar in shape to the meteor craters.

The authors were surprised, noting that the new method allows not only to create furrows on the surface of the material, but the relief inside them. With such relief, according to the authors, it will be possible to create products that will be well to hold the oil, which will prolong their service life. Now the technology is already being used to create parts of a special purpose at the Perm enterprises of the military-industrial complex.