Microsoft 365 application users had to be patient this Wednesday morning because the software developer was struggling with global outages. And the reactions were not long in coming.

A disruption in the Microsoft Cloud Service caused a stir on Wednesday morning, January 25, 2023: Just in time for the start of the work shift, various Microsoft 365 applications such as Teams, Office and Co. failed. One’s sorrow, one’s joy!

While some office workers enjoyed a little break, the software giant’s digital outage made others sweat. Teams who had to take part in an important conference on the morning of the mountain festival were only fobbed off with the error message “A problem has occurred”.

However, those lucky enough to attend a meeting fared no better: a connection was established, but the audio and video were unusable. Those who could not connect to the server at all received the message “You are offline”. Other Microsoft 365 apps are also affected by the server problems: They start very slowly and the automatic backup paralyzes Word and Excel, for example.

And while Microsoft was working on a speedy fix to the bug, the posts were soon shooting up on Twitter.