Even back in 1987, actors Mickey Rourke and Robert De Niro starred together in the film “angel Heart”. It was then that they first had a fight on the set and since then their relationship had not changed. By the way, what exactly was the cause of the conflict, now no one will remember.

As told Rourke it is this conflict that prevented him to get a role in the famous “Irishman”, allegedly then Robert De Niro refused to work with him under threat of their own exit from the project. And now it’s time to stir up embers of war: Mickey’s got a new post to your personal account in Instagram, which harshly attacked De Niro.

“Yes, I’m talking to you, you crybaby. I’ll say this, jerk: when will I see you, I swear to God and my grandma, brother and all your dogs, I’m severely degraded,” said Rourke in his angry message.

De Niro himself has not reacted to a trick of his colleagues. The film “angel Heart” by Alan Parker once said in an interview that Rourke was out of control on the set. Perhaps he reacted angrily to the remark already venerable then Robert.