Michelle Hunziker loves to be mommy. Again and again they emphasized in Interviews how much they absorbed in the mother role. On Instagram is often to what a close relationship she has with her oldest daughter, Aurora (22).

And when it comes to the presenter, it is soon in the big mother. “If you ask me, I can’t wait to see Aurora with a Baby belly. A grandson would be nice,” says Hunziker in an Interview with “Gala”. However, on the question of whether Aurora is really too soon to be a mommy, says the Tessinerin: “I hope so, but I don’t believe it.”

“you still have so much time,”

So sad, the TV Star had to face more recently, many Negative comments is not, but then: “I love the two very much. You are so sweet and head over heels in love. But they are 22 and 23 years old, you still have so much time.” Aurora is around a year and a half with the Italian engineering student Goffredo Cerza (25).

Hunziker’s husband Tomaso Trussardi (36) is a family man. The fashion heritage stresses that he has changed his morning routine to his daughters, Celeste (4) and a Sole (5) completely. “I get up very early in the morning,” says Trussardi. “I used to drink like a real Italian quickly an Espresso and a Brioche eaten. But since we have kids, we spend the whole Morning together and have Breakfast extensively. This is very important.” (klm)