28-year-Michael Wendler (46) and his new girlfriend Laura (18) disconnect: The pop Star confirmed the controversial relationship to the student a few days ago, with romantic photos on Instagram. Since last October, the two are reportedly a Couple. Now Laura, who is currently working even on their impact career talks, self-love and reveals that Wendler is her first husband.

Though she was going to graduate from high school, she wants to Meissen for Wendler, the school’s passing and to move in with him in the USA. “After twelve years of school closing is the time for us,” she says, to “RTL”. “With Michael, was now the confirmation. He is my first boyfriend!” And: “It is special and unique, I’ve never felt before. I’m already in love with the real him.”

“Michael’s the centre of my life”

is now The student dreams of a common future with the singer. “So, Michael knows that he would have to make the request. But, he does too, he also wants to. It would be a beautiful dress. I want me my dad leading up to the Altar. We would do this in the Warm, so, in the United States,” she says. “Michael is now the centre of my life. Because I want to be with him all the time.”

His daughter is only two years younger than his girlfriend

Currently, the student is bored with your “center of life” in his home in Florida, where you have three weeks to remain. Thus, the lessons at the beginning falls probably in a week’s time for Laura into the water. The relationship with the “she loves the DJ”Star seems to be serious: As Laura has already met Wendlers daughter, Adeline (16). “Full Suss. Which is even greater than I,” the Hobby-singer.

In the Interview, the student talks about private moments with Wendler and told: “When we snuggle in the evening, he says I was an oven, because I’m so hot. But I’m freezing. He can endure it only for a short time, that I want to cuddle and keep me warm, because he himself is warm. But we have to cuddle both of them.” (kad)