“I was never in my life been so in love like you are now, I swear to you. I love you, you complete me every day,” says the 47-year-old compared to the RTL, and adds: “This is so wonderful that I have you, sweetheart. I have been looking for you my whole life and only now found.“

source: instagram.com

Ups, this must be for his Ex Claudia is a slap in the face, even if she betrayed a few days ago to finally have a new man to know.

“We have to Go”

For Michael and Laura is right, this is the great love and the two want to get married as quickly as possible: “We are definitely on the Go and if all goes well, will 2020 still be a beautiful year.”

A request did not yet exist, but the Wendler also has a perfect excuse: “With Corona and co. it is of course difficult to the whole thing. This is due to the fact that all jewelers have closed for the time being.“

by the Way, the wedding should come as a documentary to the TV…

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