your dream should come true, because as RTL announced now, Michael Wendler and Laura Müller is still 2020 to get married. And all that would like to fly on the wall, the can officially, because when you think it couldn’t get worse, then the wedding follows in the TV: RTL, VOX and TVNOW preparations, as well as the aisle to the altar will accompany exclusive!

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This is likely to be similar, such as “Gülcans dream wedding” from the year 2007, and quite a lot of foreign pubic-supply potential. A request it was from Michael to Laura, by the way, but she explained recently to RTL:

“A wedding, I think, nothing stands in the way. He knows that he must make the request – but he also makes. So that makes the also. The want, too.“ For the 19-year-old, it will be the first wedding that Wendler was already married once with Claudia Norberg!

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