From the Chansonnier to the Po p-Star: to Open the new CD by Michael von der Heide (47), “Rio Amden Amsterdam”, contrary to the rays of the Booklet, two shiny cheeks – but not in the face of the singer, but his füdlibluttes behind part. Proudly posing to the Heath, only in a beige suede jacket, dressed with a trumpet in Hand and without pants. “The revealing image was the idea of photographer Patrick Mettraux. It is a tribute to the French singer Michel Polnareff, and provided with a similar image for a scandal.”

“fit enough” for Nude shots

Indeed, in 1972, the whole of France was outraged, as of today, 75-year-old singer and composer, his naked Butt on posters printed to advertise for a series of concerts at the Olympia in Paris. An unorthodox marketing strategy, the likes of the Heath. “With this tribute to the half-naked photo of me has a funny rotation, and I really wanted to.” The in-house photographer, of the musician have been wanting for years, permissive shots with him. “I’ve always rejected. But on the new Album, I thought to myself: now or never.” Laughing, he adds: “Now I’m even fit enough to leave me half-blood scan.”

For his strapping figure of a Jack of all trades on a regular basis Sport. “I love Yoga, Walking and Jogging and of course, Swimming in the Walensee. Like the voice you have to train his Butt and his legs.”

Still more revealing pictures planned?

Private is of the Heath for 25 years with his Partner Willi Spiess (53) happy. The Entertainer and fashion designer life together with their now 16-year-old cats Sami and Margritli in Rümlang ZH. “Separate bedrooms to keep our love fresh,” the singer said recently in a Interview. Have him come once a friendly, and after years, still a couple in love. So the love would not go to small everyday things broken, but sparkling to stay. Because erotic shots is invigorating. “Willi like the image also, of course, very well,” says of the Heath with a wink.

there Will be by the singer from the peaceful village of Amden SG even more revealing images? “I don’t think so. The recording with the Polnareff-cover is perfect and will go down as my naked image in my biography.” It was otherwise with the trumpet, he had actually only for aesthetic reasons, with the image. “I’m so good that I’m thinking of playing the trumpet to learn.” A naked image with the consequences of so – quite similar to back then when Polnareff.