Thomas Müller cannot imagine who or what could stop FC Bayern on the way to the next German championship. At the same time he calls for more national competition.

Müller with a self-confident appearance: Thomas Müller is convinced of the supremacy of FC Bayern Munich at national level. “I don’t see any natural mechanism that should slow us down.” Bayern have “functioning power steering” and it as a “lane keeping assistant,” he says in an interview with “Klubmagazin51”.

Short, compact, clear

Demand for more competition: Müller wants more competition in the league. He expects this to make the Bundesliga more attractive. “We have to be a sought-after league internationally and everyone has to work hard for that,” said the Bavarian.

Emphasizing the Bavarian self-image: For Müller, one of the success factors is the demands FC Bayern places on its players. “The expectations here are so high that they spur you on all the time.