she was as an actress in the German TV-series “Good times, bad times” and in the Swiss Blockbuster “ready, steady, Charlie!” known. After that, you ended up with the Song “Hie u now” a big Hit. 15 years ago, Mia Aegerter (43) made a lightning career.

in 2005, won the free citizen of a Swiss Award, and appeared as a jury member of the “music star” in front of an audience of millions. After that, she toured with Ronan Keating (43) through the whole of Germany, and sang with Polo Hofer (1945-2017) in a duet.

In recent years, however, it was a little quiet around the singer. Aegerter went on a long trip around the world, to write new Songs. To travel “with little baggage around the world, was always my dream,” she explains. Means “to travel for me to leave the comfort zone and expand my consciousness.”

Meanwhile, her fifth solo album “Nothing for cowards”. The Berliner by choice sings for the first time in high German. “Today, I am more relaxed and to live self-determined. And I have the impression that I write better texts,” says Aegerter. “Life experience is something valuable.”

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