MOSCOW, 1 may — RIA Novosti, Olga Lipic. Chairman of the Patriarchal Council for culture, Metropolitan of Pskov and Porkhov Tikhon (Shevkunov) urged all to be attentive to the security of e-mail and told RIA Novosti, as the attackers hacked into his email account and blackmailing publications collections.

“a Few months ago it was discovered that I have a hacked electronic mail, for many years. My private and business correspondence were published on the website of Black Mirror. In parallel, these materials have republicanise other telegram channels. I was asked to pay ten million rubles to suspend publication. Of course, I refused,” said Metropolitan Tikhon RIA Novosti in response to a request for comment propagates in a recent online materials from his personal mail.

On the question of why he refused to buy the hacked emails, Metropolitan Tikhon said that he did not want “to go to the terms of the Blackmailers and encourage dirty business.” As mentioned Black Mirror, in his opinion, “specializiruetsya it is on this kind of Commerce.”

Metropolitan Tikhon, by his own admission, “never really paid attention to the incident and was not going to comment on this topic”, but now “the number of requests from journalists is through the roof”.

“I know that the authorities are looking for burglars, but will find or no — view”, — said the Hierarch.

the incident is “absolutely calm” and “no blood” not eager. “It’s just another depressing reality of our lives. There is a virus COVID-19, is viruses computer, and there are these viruses in our society. They hit and those who steal other people’s letters, wanting to make money, and those who avidly reads other people’s letters. For me it is the personality of one order. The virus they have is not new — unfortunately, it has always been there,” stated Metropolitan Tikhon.

the Publication of his hacked email still. In particular, recently published an audio file of his conversation with film Director Nikita Mikhalkov.

“Nikita — a member of the Patriarchal Council for culture (Chairman of the Board — Metropolitan Tikhon. — Approx. ed.). Patriarchal Council needed to get the opinion of Council members on how they recommend to respond to the blasphemous manifestations in contemporary art. The majority opinion was: do not respond to simply not advertise these symptoms. If that’s not some quite extraordinary stories. Nikita Sergeyevich view was special, more complex. We agreed with him that I will record our phone conversation, then to print and edit the text with his position, removing from it a particularly expressive passages and some profanity, which, to my great regret, sometimes uses our great Director. Email I sent to his assistant for printing the audio file with our philosophical conversation. This file just now and put on Black Mirror,” — said the Metropolitan.

“do Not read other people’s letters, dear friends! Remember what we taught mom and dad. And because they do not teach bad. Do not dishonor them,” — concluded the Agency interlocutor.