the Unified state examination (use) in the capital was in normal mode, serious violations were found. This was stated by the head of the Regional information processing center of Moscow, Deputy Director of the Moscow center of quality of education Andrew Postolin.

the Examination campaign ended on 8 August. This day was the last exam of the additional period. The schedule was made so that graduates have time to apply to universities.

the Main period of exam was conducted from 3 to 25 July. For members who for valid reasons could not take the exam in July, from 3 to 8 August, was organized by an additional period. Graduates of previous years exams at the same time that graduates of the current year.

this year the exam was conducted only for those who are planning to enroll in universities. To get a certificate to take the state examinations was not necessary. Therefore, the list did not get an exam in basic mathematics. But the participants could pass the exam in mathematics profile level, Russian language, literature, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, history, social studies, foreign languages, Informatics and information and communication technologies.

Procedure of the examinations remained unchanged compared to last year. The main difference was the enhanced security measures: in order to prevent the risk of infection with novel coronavirus infection, at the point of examination was observed an additional sanitary-and-epidemiologic requirements.

Just to participate in the exam this year in Moscow has been registered about 80 thousand people, of whom approximately 64 thousand graduates of the current year, over 13 thousand graduates of last years and about two thousand students of secondary vocational education institutions and foreign educational institutions.

For Metropolitan graduates organized more than 380 points of the examinations. Most of them 359 were opened in schools. In Moscow has prepared more than six thousand audiences, including participants with disabilities. For those who for health reasons could not attend the exam at the school, the exam organized at home. Also the items on the examination was opened on the basis of health care institutions.

Detailed information about examinations in Moscow and the dates of publication of results published on the official website of the Regional information processing center of the city of Moscow in section “GUIA 11”.

See the examination results graduates in private offices on the official portal of the Mayor and Government of Moscow

Answers to actual questions for the exam and solving problematic situations available in the regular category #ACKAGE in social networks on the pages of the Moscow centre for quality��quality education. It is useful exam participants and their parents. All questions can also be set individually by telephone of the information-consulting centre: +7 (499) 653-94-50.