TV Presenter and a politician Ksenia Sobchak has accused opposition leader Alexei Navalny in carrying out her campaign against the “lies and slander” about the proposals about measures of support of the population during the pandemic and economic crisis. Methods resorted to Bulk, not better than those enjoyed by the national media, I’m sure Sobchak. About it she wrote in the Telegram.

Sobchak said that she is encouraged to use the stabilization Fund for the distribution of money to the Russians long before Navalny coined the program “five steps”. Sobchak stressed that all she said was one of the first public figures of Russia. And she suggested to start helping small and medium businesses.

But then she asked about the offer Bulk. Sobchak says that one distribution of money to the population is small, the question needs to be addressed together with other tasks. “My words here out of context and now the “evil Sobchak accuses people that they are eating money.” The pie is ready,” said the pop diva.

“it is Important to lie skillfully interweaving fiction and truth to destroy anyone that God forbid, has liberal views, but disagree with the Opposition”, – said Sobchak. She accused Navalny that he put her name on a par with well-known oligarchs, although the money from the budget it receives. But Navalny has already managed to equate Sobchak to Zakharova, which the opposition debate never happened.

Sobchak noted that because of the above it does not respect the Bulk. “You can’t fight villains the methods of scoundrels. Yourself become the same and begin watering already quite like-minded people, just because they decided to go their own way,” she added.

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