More than 600 000 US dollars paid by a buyer at auction for a lunar meteorite. The “moon puzzle” is referred to Rock, according to the auction house RR Auction of six individual parts that together weigh almost 5.5 kg. It was believed to have been due to the impact of another Rock from the surface of the moon blasted off, had laid the about 380,000 kilometres back to earth, and had come up on the surface of the earth.

The meteorite was discovered in 2017, in a remote desert area in Mauritania in North West Africa. According to the Boston-based auction house, he is now part of a tourist attraction in the Vietnamese province of Ha Nam. He will be shown accordingly in the Buddhist complex of Tam Chuc open to the public. The buyer and the seller during the auction on Friday (local time) anonymous.

dozens of finds on the earth

The price of 612.500 Dollar (533.500 euros) exceeded the expectations of the auction house, had assumed a selling price of half a Million dollars. Accordingly, it is in the meteorite, the largest full moon of the puzzle that has ever been found.

Nasa keeps a list of all 2012 on earth discovered lunar meteorites. According to this list is a total of 80 chunks of rock that are at least 65 kilograms. It is, in fact, Material from the moon, scientists from the chemical analyses of the finds. These compare with analyses of moon rock that was brought in the Apollo missions to earth.

the moon, meteorites allow researchers an interesting insight into the past of our companion. In 2003, for example, scientists were able to conduct a discovery in the desert of Arabia on a Crash prior to 3.9 billion years back, with the Mare Imbrium was created on the moon.


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