Merkel praised the combat coronavirus

the Epidemic of the coronavirus SARS-СoV-2 — the most serious challenge in the history of Germany since the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany said Chancellor Angela Merkel at a speech in the Bundestag. About it reports Reuters.

“We are in any case not at the final stage of the epidemic. We are still at the beginning”, she said. According to Merkel, the fight against coronavirus the country and the world have for a long time, and how serious are the economic problems, yet cannot be considered.

the Chancellor believes that the restrictive measures won the time for the health system of the country. However, she stressed that the decision to limit social contacts German citizens at the time of the pandemic, it was harder than any other during her tenure as head of the FRG.

Merkel said that the health care system of Germany at this time cope with the load, however, the country should make personal protective equipment more Autonomous from the European Union. She, however, urged his colleagues to prepare for the fact that the support of the allies on the block in the current environment will leave more German than before.

Germany is among the countries with the largest number of infected — there found more than 150 thousand cases of infection. Thus in Germany there is a much lower mortality from causes related to virus induced disease COVID-19: killed 5.3 thousand people, recovered more than 103 thousand.