The electronics stores MediaMarkt and Saturn also want to work more closely together in stores. The two brands have been appearing together in public for a few days. FOCUS online says what that means for customers.

For years, the two sister companies MediaMarkt and Saturn have pursued different strategies. While Saturn established itself as a premium electronics provider and focused on service offerings, MediaMarkt was more price-focused.

That should change now. The two-brand strategy ends. Both companies now appear under the name “MediaMarkt Saturn”. This has a direct impact on customers.

Abroad, the parent company Ceconomy has already merged Saturn and MediaMarkt under the MediaMarkt umbrella brand. So far, the countries of Belgium, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland and Turkey have been affected. MediaMarkt and Saturn will (for the time being) continue to exist as separate sales brands in Germany.

For cost reasons, both specialist stores, which belong to the Ceconomy parent company, have been working more closely together for years. The changes are now also visible to customers. There is a uniform online presence, which differs only in the design colors “red” (for MediaMarkt) and “black” (for Saturn).

The prices should no longer differ in the Saturn and MediaMarkt branches. A price comparison is hardly worthwhile for consumers anymore. The parent company goes one step further and also standardizes the weekly special offers, which are now published simultaneously online at Saturn and MediaMarkt, in brochures, via app and newsletter.

With immediate effect, consumers can also hand in the Saturn products they have bought at MediaMarkt.

Repairs should now also be possible in both branches, and it is no longer taken into account whether the product was bought from MediaMarkt or Saturn. Both companies take a similar approach when customers need spare parts. This should be available in all 400 branches.

The closer cooperation should reduce waiting times overall. The aim is to enable a better shopping experience, the company said in a press release.

For the time being, there are no changes to bonus programs. If you have a Saturn Card, you cannot use it at MediaMarkt. The MyMediaMarkt card does not work with Saturn either. The background is that there is still no common infrastructure here. Apparently this is still under construction.