The EQ is supposed to be the flagship of the electric family of Mercedes – electric S-class in the truest sense of the word. The conventional S-class will, for the time being exist, however, continue to parallel. Therefore, the EQ comes only in mid-2021. This is about a year after the new luxury sedan. So the two prestigious models should not come into the enclosure. to get

To make a first impression, we must set ourselves to the control of the IAA study Vision EQS. The luxury Stromer is a bit shorter than the upcoming S-class with long wheelbase. You will have a life due to the batteries in the vehicle floor, the lack of a cardan tunnel and the not-needed engine compartment, however, a larger and more flexible interior.

Ecological luxury in the interior

The instrument panel is hardly more than such. The most important information to be projected in the pleasure gardens of maple behind the steering Wheel – that should do it, however, is hardly a production model. The contoured seats are reminiscent of the study of the Maybach Ultimate Luxury. So the seats are not leather, but from a micro-fiber made from recycled PET bottles. The roof of the sky is covered with a textile, which consists in part of plastic waste from the sea.

The body itself is spectacular. For the flat Silhouette, the line of management: Front – and rear window will go virtually seamlessly into the engine hood and short trunk lid. For the beefy appearance, the powerful wheels, as well as the surface Front with a large light modules in the headlights and radiator grille provide against it. The rear lights band consists of 229 small Mercedes stars.

A view of the EQS-engineering

Two electric motors with a combined output of 350 kW (476 HP) and 760 Nm to drive the four-wheel drive. From 0 to 100, it should create the Mercedes Vision EQS in 4.5 seconds. The tip should lie above 200 km/h, while the battery allows a range of up to 700 kilometers. 80 percent of them will be after twenty minutes on a quick charger available.

to compete against Tesla’s Model S to compete, are stronger versions with more than 600 HP in the conversation. Roll on the first Test, however, to remember, and is still little, because even if the prototype accelerates to accelerator pedal pressure is quite fast, is felt at less than 50 km/h-circuit. One of the technicians beckons and wants to show that it is not supposed to go even faster.


not more than a brief impression, a relatively high Seating position and voltage, how modern the interior in the standard condition is present. Of a is fixed: Mercedes from mid-2021 the two top models – the new S-class and an electric Over, the EQS.