the Footballer Memphis Depay is the sea in the massive headwind. Yes almost a stiff breeze aimed directly against him.

The 26-year-old dutchman is already known as a footballer who divides the waters, but some of his recent postings on Instagram have created strong reactions and sent huge criticism in direction Lyon-player.

He has shared pictures of herself with a so-called ‘is’ – a mixture of a lion and a tiger.

You can see it debated lookup further down in the article.

The French dyreværnsorganisation 30 Millions d’Amis call it ‘distressing’, while Sanne Kuijpers, who is kampagnedirektør at World Animal Protection, criticizing Depay in the Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf.

“We are sorry that Memphis Depay records the image. There are animals which suffer. Trade in fauna (animals, ed.) to entertain people is useless and causes much suffering. With the picture, he gives a bad example. We hope that he will remove his picture. Wild animals belong to nature, they do not exist to entertain us. Which finges is not worse examples,” she explains.

Memphis Depay is known for his penchant for the kind of animals, since he has a lion tattooed on his back. The pictures where he is posing in bare-chested, he has, moreover, accompanied by the text ‘What happens when one is hanging out with a lion?’ And the dutchman is not afraid to answer back.

“For those who don’t know the circumstances, keep quiet. Further, is not even wild animals. They are not born in the wild, but were created by man. I don’t even think that they would survive, even if they were wild,” believe Memphis Depay.

Depay, who is daily teammate with the Danish Joachim Andersen, is pt. in the process of genoptræningen after a serious korsbåndsskade last in 2019.