Exhibition of achievements of national economy (VDNH) has prepared a special online program in memory of the cosmonaut Alexei Leonov. 30 may the first person in space, be celebrated 86th birthday. In this day of the Internet users are waiting for the tour, cognitive test, online competition of children’s drawings and audio story. All events will be held on the official pages ENEA in social networks and on the website of the exhibition.

may 30, virtual ENEA guests can take a stroll online at the center of the “Aerospace and aviation”. The Tour “Alexei Leonov. Step into the Universe” will be placed on exhibition website and its pages in social networks. It will talk about why between visual art and aviation (two of the most favorite Hobbies of the future twice Hero of the Soviet Union) Leonov still chose the latter, and as he was in the first detachment of Soviet cosmonauts. a

the virtual tour will also give you the details of the cosmonaut Alexei Leonov in open space on the ship “Voskhod-2” on March 18, 1965. In particular we will focus on technical issues and failures with equipment that had to be addressed on the spot.

Know the audience and on the second flight Leonov into orbit in 1975. It was the first time carried out the docking of ships of the two countries — the Soviet “Soyuz-19” and American “Apollo”. After watching the video of the tour everyone will be able to test their knowledge by taking part in the quiz. It will be available on the pages of ENEA in social networks 12:00.

to Learn interesting facts from the life of the legendary astronaut will be in the course of the test “Unknown Leonov”. It was produced by the President of the center for “Space and air force” by ENEA Fyodor Yurchikhin. Participants will be asked to guess the truth of certain statements about Leonov. The test will start at 14:00 in the section “History” instagram account of the Soviet era.

Alexei Leonov received recognition as an artist. He created paintings are in collections of Russian and foreign galleries. From may 30 to July 7 ENEA will hold a children’s contest “Draw like Leonov”. The guys offer to portray space or explorers, post photos of their work on social networks to celebrate the publication of the accounts of the ENEA center “Aerospace and aviation”, and specify the #of Esucation.

the Winners will become three contestants. They will choose a jury composed of Fyodor Yurchikhin, the artists and the users of the network (one of the paintings will go to the finals at the expense of the greatest number of “Likes”). The main prize for winners will be a visit to the tour, which will be Fyodor Yurchikhin. They will walk through the center of the “Aerospace and aviation” when the territory of the exhibition will be open for visitors. If some of the artists will be those who live next��about from Moscow and will not be able to come to the exhibition, Yurchikhin will carry with them in the session and will answer questions.

About the historical cosmonaut Alexei Leonov in open space and the heroism of the crew of the ship “Voskhod-2” also will tell audioguide “Legends of space”.

in addition, the “Aerospace and aviation” you can read blog #Kosmosdale. Here publish the stories of guides, for example, about the main achievements of Alexei Leonov, his unrealized expeditions into orbit and the paintings of the artist-pilot.

Alexei Leonov born 30 may 1934 in the village of Listvyanka, Kemerovo region. In 1955, he graduated from the 10 th Military aviation school of initial training of pilots in Kremenchug, and in 1957 — the Chuguev military aviation school of pilots. Made two space flights, flew a total of more than seven days. He first went into open space. Leonov died on 11 October 2019 at the age of 85 years.

Alexei Leonov — twice hero of the Soviet Union. He was awarded the order “For merits before Fatherland” I, III and IV degrees, an award named after Y. A. Gagarin in space activities, the order of Friendship, Lenin and red Star.

In connection with the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection, the work of ENEA has moved to the online mode. From 31 March the exhibition was launched for its virtual visitors is a series of tours, as well as master classes and lectures.

to Walk around the pavilions “Aerospace and aviation”, “worker and collective farm girl”, the Museum exhibition center, the center of Slavic writing “Word” and watch informative videos on the official website in the section “ENEA online”, and also on the pages of the exhibition and its residents in social networks. For example, during the broadcast of the “Moskvarium” the audience will learn, what they like to eat sharks, eels, piranhas and stingrays. While complex in a social network “Instagram” you can observe the life of animals living on the “City farm”.