Benjamin Kissi has made a song called ‘Faith’. It is his attempt at a winner for this year’s Melodi Grand Prix.

The 37-year-old musician says that song in particular is about having the confidence that things will probably go. Something, he says, he has learned from his mother.

the Kissi is the child of a ghanaian father and a Danish mother, and he says that in the years after he was born was hard for his mother, but the song is also a story about to keep the flag high in the face of adversity.

“My mother worked, yes. In the first time could my father not get a work permit, so it was her who had to make sure that there was money inside,” says the 37-year-old Kissi.

“She had to work three months after I had come to the world. It was a rough period for her.”

Benjamin Kissi says that even though it was some tough years, there are also come good things out of these trials.

“My mother has shown me what love and trust to other people is, and even though I’m an only child, so I have a large group of the world’s best people, like my friends,” he says.

Benjamin Kissis father rummaged out problems, Kissi was little, and ended up in prison. It is not entirely clear to the musician, what the dangers were inside, but he believes it had something with substance to do. When Kissi was three years, died the danger.

the Mother was then alone with the main responsibility for raising the little boy. He grew up in Aarhus, and it was also at Aarhus Friskole, that he fell in love with music.

A love that has lasted all his life, and which now led him to the Melodi Grand Prix, where he hopes his song, which according to his own opinion, a classic), control-number, arouses joy.

He looks at least even very much looking forward to having to play it.

“I am totally game. It’s gonna be really exciting. I was nervous for, if one were to make a number which was very), control-like, when I was contacted about making a number.”

He stresses, however, that in the music business can easily get the eyes up), control, when it actually has been very versatile.

“I would like to make a small call for, that you could take), control more seriously,” says him. His own contribution to the musikkonkurrencen is the one that moves in the genres of pop and soul.

He also says that his mother comes to the show, and she backs him up.

“She is just so cute, proud and supportive. She has got a pair of tickets to the big show, so she can take a friend with you.”

Although the mother is not himself a musician, she is in it, as Kissi refers to the ‘major user’, and she has a massive record collection with well-known artists such as Aretha Franklin and Bob Marley.

It was there that the foundations for his life in music was posted, while he heard the vinyls with afrobeats and soulens the industry’s top names, and at the school in aarhus, he started his life as a musician.

In his career he has played together with many big names such as Medina, Thomas Helmig, just as he was in the group of Gypsies together with, among others, Shaka Loveless.

Gypsies have, among other things warmed up for well known bands such as The Roots and the Fugees.