When she enters the room, it seems to be a little lighter: Melanie Alexander (41), alone, with her strawberry-blonde Afro, freckles and some rays. A Look that she made in 2010 as a Benetton Model is famous for. Today she works mainly as a dance teacher and Coach. Their popularity is using you to make the world a little bit better.

“I’m a happiness researcher,” she says simply. For her book “the happiness of small Gestures,” she started, together with Co-author Chantal Sandjon a self-experiment. “Gratitude and appreciation not only on the environment a positive influence, but also to ourselves – it is medicine for the heart,” says Melanie Alexander. We focus often too much on the big events in life, but: “In the long run, the small price changes, we become happier. Important is, consciously perceiving them.”

Small Gestures of comfort

An Experiment that gave her a lot myself. Because she has not an easy year: “Within four months, both died my parents. In this difficult time, small Gestures had a big impact, also donated a consolation.” Although this is not completely surprising, but such a loss was very emotional. Especially when it came to the parents ‘ flat to resolve. “There’s a lot of memories came back to me.”

Help makes you happy

Grieve is important, but you should also be able to let go of and the course of life respect. “To live the questions, and death have preoccupied me from early on.” Has helped Melanie in the confrontation with Buddhism and the happiness research. A key experience she had as a 19-Year-old in San Francisco (United States): “An old, blind man and the deaf man stood in a corner and cried for help, all went past him.”

A shock to Melanie. They took courage, and got to the man the batteries for the hearing aid, so that at least the restore worked. “The moment I took inwardly to the decision that I want to stay with fellow men, is to be compassionate. Because it will make you happier.” She is convinced: “It is in our human nature to be to assist others.”

Simple, but efficient, positive, and beautiful to perceive things in life. And who goes through a dark time, you can scroll back in this book and again, be aware of how many beautiful moments there are.

what’s the name of the bus driver, when you get on in the morning, or the woman spends in the canteen the food? Who remembers the names of people with whom he has to do every day, creates more connectedness and gives these people at the same time, positive attention.

a Lot of things in everyday life can be considered as a matter of course. It’s good to be back on this regularly in the spotlight. A simple Thank you is enough, be it for work colleagues or your partner. By giving someone attention, creates a positive resonance field – Pleasing comes back.

This can be a piece of paper or a picture on the bathroom mirror. The main thing is that, you pass it every day. The sign recalls the Moment here and now. It’s a mindfulness exercise, which continues to resonate unconsciously – even if the note is already long since fallen down.

You do not have your own garden, to see a flower sprout. It is enough, on the way to work a couple of seeds on the roadside and spread. The Grow and Bloom on a positive note, the actress Audrey Hepburn said: “to plant A garden is to believe in the future.”