Oh, là, là! Pop star Mel B. (43) chatted in a TV Interview that she had Sex with her Spice Girl colleague Geri Horner, formerly Halliwell (46),. “We were best Friends. It was nothing Serious. It just happened. We have giggled, and the wars,” said the musician to Talker Piers Morgan on ITV. “It’s just this happened one Time.”

Now you should, however, leads to the wrath of the 46-Year-old fear, who is now happily married with Christian Horner and with him in a country house, a residential life. “You will kill me” jokes Mel B. she hopes, however, that the colleague denies the Sex, if you are asked to do so. Finally, it is the voice of Yes. And: “It was Fun.”

With the other Girls making out

Geri was the only Spice Girl, Mel in bed landed. “When I had my tongue pierced, we have kissed us all. I wanted to know how it feels. It was just a kiss. Nothing Sexual,” she reveals. (wyt)