From the past, and finally free as a bird!

The Megxit is completed. Today, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan from their official services are eliminated for the British Royal family (PICTURE reported). So that completely changes your life. Not necessarily for the Negative.

▶︎ IMAGE explains the rules for the Few snow of yesterday.

distance to Fans to keep

Earlier, it was not allowed Harry and Meghan, and to embrace the Fans, or to kiss. And not only because of the Royal etiquette, but also because touching is an increased security risk for the members of the Royal family. From now on, you must maintain a heart-friendly contact with their Fans, in theory.

give me a cuddle! Meghan loves the body contact to their Fans – hugs like this, with a student of a London school, there will be in the future, so more photo: WPA Pool /

due to Corona, you need to be at a distance. Also, autographs are allowed to enter now. Previously, this was not seen. Prince Charles was supposed to have been on an autograph-request answered: “I’m sorry. But that’s not me allowed.“ Also Duchess Meghan was asked in their public appearances on several occasions already to a signature. Although prohibited, was it 2018 the autograph book of a 10-year-old girl to sign. Now the pins are allowed to glow!