Important news for Whatsapp users: The world’s most popular Messenger service has a vulnerability through which Unauthorised access to third-party Smartphones. The devices can be infected with a groomed Whatsapp-call and Monitoring Software will be recorded, according to the Portal “” reported. This is not even possible, if the Callee declines.

The vulnerability lies in the implementation of Internet telephony. Whatsapp, a Facebook subsidiary, has closed the gap in the meantime. In order to protect the phone from unauthorized access, you should have the latest Version of Whatsapp installed.

In the case of governments, popular sniffer Software from Israel

the Software used for Spying, is it a solution called Pegasus. This is sold by the Israeli company NSO, mainly to governments.

How many of the approximately 1.5 billion Whatsapp users have been hacked, not to say the Facebook subsidiary. But it’s high-level objectives had been attacked, including, for example, a human rights activist of the non-governmental organization Amnesty International. (noo)