For years, Ryanair has been advertising extremely low prices for its flight tickets – but anyone who subsequently wants to take advantage of additional services for baggage or check-in sometimes has to dig deep into their pockets at the airport.

Now it has hit a traveler at Palme de Mallorca Airport who was heading towards mainland Spain. He was supposed to pay the equivalent of around 70 euros extra for his suitcase – then he suddenly took drastic measures. And was celebrated both at the airport and on social media. 

The Spaniard Daniel, who wanted to travel from Mallorca to Málaga, was told at Ryanair airport that he had to pay the additional costs because his suitcase was too big for hand luggage.

At the end of 2018, Ryanair changed its hand luggage guidelines, since then only one small piece of hand luggage (handbag, camera bag, duty free purchases) is allowed free of charge. The piece of luggage must not exceed 40 x 20 x 25 centimeters.

Daniel’s suitcase, however, was a bit too high. At the check-in counter he found out that he had to pay a fee of 70 euros for his luggage. The plane ticket didn’t cost half as much. This is reported by the Daily Mail. 

Daniel “took revenge” at the counter for the sudden surcharge – and took drastic measures to avoid the airline’s additional costs. He quickly tore the wheels off his trolley so that it could pass as a small and therefore free piece of luggage. 

Even the airport employees could only watch in amazement. The fellow travelers around also applauded at such inventiveness. This is shown by pictures published by the Daily Mail.

Various tricks from air travelers who want to avoid the additional costs continue to go viral. For example, they wear coats with lots of pockets to reduce the cost of excess baggage. A coat advertised in 2017 even boasted that it could store up to 15 kilograms of luggage in its hidden pockets.

Some passengers showed even bolder ways to save money – like filling their neck pillows with clothing or vacation items.  

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