André Meganck, ” the meesterfixer, of course, is deceased as a result of a heart attack. This was confirmed with our support team. Meganck, acquired from 1976 to 2015, is known as a jack of all trades at the wieleruitzendingen of the public broadcasting service. He was 72.

André Meganck and worked for many years as a program assistant for the public broadcasting service during the championships. During games, he sat next to the speaker, and he sought out border info on it, at other times, he maintained contact, he invited the guests to a talk he prepared for the foreign travel of the editorial board for this.

a Few years ago, the meesterfixer of course, still writing his memoirs, with anecdotes, facts and stories from over forty years of cycling history and journalism. In the book, to describe Fabian Cancellara Meganck as the ” father of the field’. “Any cyclist, of any level, not only in Belgium but in the whole of the international peloton, it was him. And for someone who isn’t even on the screen it came.”

Meganck, sat in the front row, in 39 Trips, 26 transfers, the 13th in the tour of spain’s, with 40 world championships and six olympics and countless stock prices.