All shops are usually closed at Christmas. But there are exceptions that you should be aware of in an emergency. FOCUS online says what you can do if you don’t have baked goods, butter, jam or other important groceries in stock or urgently need medication.

December 25th and 26th are public holidays. According to the shop closing laws of most states, supermarkets, discounters, bakeries, butchers and other food retailers must (usually) remain closed on these days.

Supermarkets at train stations, airports and bus stations are also usually closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Even if they can “stock up travelers with travel provisions”. However, the shops are privately run, so operators can decide whether to open their branches at Christmas or leave them closed. The vast majority will not open branches until December 27th.

You have a small way of getting groceries.

Bakeries and butchers are usually closed on all Christmas holidays. The same applies to discounters such as Aldi Süd, Aldi Nord, Lidl, Edeka and Rewe. You won’t be able to shop at these retailers again until December 27th.

If you still need a Christmas present, then a shopping spree in the week after Christmas can be worthwhile.

The flu and cold wave has Germany fully under control.

If you need medication, contact the pharmacy emergency service in your area. You can reach the emergency service on 0800 00 22 8 33. If you are in severe pain or feeling unwell, the on-call medical service will also help, which you can reach free of charge on all public holidays on 116117.

Most insured persons in the statutory health insurance companies have to pay significantly more from January. The additional contribution increases and at the same time the contribution assessment limit is raised – only, your health insurance company no longer has to inform you personally. That’s why we do this.

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