In January, police found an eight-year-old girl dead in a house in the Australian state of Queensland. A total of twelve members of a religious group and the child’s parents are said to be linked to the death. According to the police, they had denied the girl access to medical care, reports “Nine News”.

The eight-year-old is said to have suffered from an illness. The members of the religious community knew about the disease but decided not to help the girl for six days.

The religious group consists of three families aged between 19 and 64, according to the police. The twelve people have now been arrested and are expected to be charged with the girl’s murder. Police arrested the child’s parents earlier.

The police said the six-month investigation into the arrest of the twelve alleged perpetrators was very complex. “In my almost 40 years as a police officer, I have never experienced anything like this. I am not aware of a similar case in Queensland let alone Australia,” said one of the investigators.

A gunman opened fire during a US National Day parade in a suburb of Chicago. At least six people died. A 22-year-old was wanted and arrested after a short chase.

Switzerland is less affected by rising global inflation than other countries. The isolation of the Alpine state contributes significantly to this. Switzerland is almost completely self-sufficient in electricity. The mechanisms for promoting domestic food companies are also taking effect.

In Schleswig-Holstein, the Kiel University Hospital has to close several locations due to corona cases. On Monday, the Robert Koch Institute reported 147,489 new infections and 102 more deaths. And: Health Minister Lauterbach and the panel doctors come to an agreement in the corona test dispute. All news can be found in the Corona ticker.