Media the United States study intelligence reports about the deteriorating health of Kim Jong UN

MOSCOW, 21 APR – RIA Novosti. The U.S. authorities are exploring the intelligence that the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN allegedly worsened after the operation, reports TV channel CNN, citing a source.

“the United States studying intelligence that the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN is in grave danger after the operation”, – informs television channel.

According to South Korean newspaper the Daily NK quoted a source in North Korea, Kim Jong-UN is now undergoing a course of treatment after surgery that is associated with the cardiovascular system. According to the source, the leader of North Korea is now recovering at his dacha in the mountains Meansan 100 kilometres North-East of Pyongyang. 12 APR nearby in a specialized hospital senior leadership of the DPRK were caused by the best surgeons of the Metropolitan hospitals. However, after the necessary procedures, as the leader began to improve, and most of the doctors sent me home on April 19. Now the doctors just observe the recovery process of the Chairman of the state Council, the newspaper notes.

According to the source, the country of what is now Kim Jong-UN, is guarded by more than 30 members of the personal guard and a large number of employees of the first Department of protection of Pyongyang. The military, which usually guards have been posted at such facilities, the guard was removed.

He also claims that the leader of the DPRK since August 2019 already felt bad enough because of problems with the cardiovascular system, and after a number of climbs on mount baekdu, his condition deteriorated. Kim Jong-UN on 11 April chaired a meeting Politburo of the workers ‘ party of Korea, and on 12 April in Pyongyang helicopter was seen and the movement of vehicles, usually carrying the first person.