Media the United States mobilized a special unit for possible evacuation of the White house

MOSCOW, April 17 – RIA Novosti. U.S. authorities in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus mobilized a special unit, whose task, among other things, included the possible evacuation of the government from Washington, according to Newsweek magazine.

Earlier, the mayor of the capital of the district of Columbia Muriel Bowser extended a state of emergency for another month in connection with the growing number of cases of coronavirus infection. There are fears that the outbreak of the coronavirus in Washington will scale, which will make impossible the normal functioning of the government.

according to the publication, the joint special squad of the capital region (JTF-NCR), consisting of 10 thousand security forces was formed on March 16. In addition to protecting the capital from possible enemy in all directions, the detachment must be prepared to transfer to a safe place not only the White house but also other key agencies.

the article says that the special case already reinforced by helicopters Blackhawk 106th aviation battalion, specifically designed for evacuation. The officers of this unit confirmed that the study a comprehensive emergency evacuation plan (JEEP), which deals with the management of the Pentagon. The procedure for the evacuation of the civilian leaders described in the additional Protocol Atlas, except that there are other secret scripts.

the United States remains a world leader in the number of cases COVID-19 and the number of deaths of people who had discovered the coronavirus. The Johns Hopkins University, which conducts its own calculations based on Federal and local statistics and other data, said Thursday afternoon that the number of confirmed cases amounted to almost 654 thousand people, died about 31 thousand people.

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