According to an internal email, which Reuters has seen, working the Tour de France-the organizer to postpone the race.

Coronakrisen has led to the postponement of the summer OLYMPICS and the european football championship as well as the cancellation of Wimbledon and now the Tour de France is back as the big event, where there is not yet clarity over the situation.

the Organizer, ASO, will last 15. may sign off on a decision, but already the news agency Reuters to tell you that the arrow is pointing towards a postponement of the world’s greatest cycling race, rather than a cancellation.

Reuters has thus gained an insight into an internal mail from the French newspaper L’equipe, who work together with the organizer and publish officially from the course, where it appears that the focus is on a postponement to later in the summer.

– The global crisis unpredictable nature of which we are all caught in, meaning that we’ll have to be patient before there is an official announcement from the ASO about the race in 2020.

– The current focus is on a postponement to later in the summer rather than a cancellation it sounds in the internal letter.

Of the email it does not appear, when the man in this case will expose the race to. ASO has, according to Reuters wanted to comment on the email.

the Tour de France was scheduled to run from 27. June 19. July.

the Year’s first grand tour, the Giro d’italia, was to begin 9. may in Budapest, but has been provisionally postponed.

the Year-typically the last grand tour, Vuelta a Espana, was originally planned to run from 14. august to 6. september.