Tottenham-profile Son Heung-min is, according to british media traveled to south Korea to complete his military service.

It is far from on holiday in the country of origin for Son Heung-min, who at the weekend were allowed to travel to south Korea by her employer, Premier League club Tottenham.

Tottenham wrote on its website that sydkoreaneren traveled home by “personal reasons”.

According to several british media – including The Guardian – is it about four weeks of military service, which the Son intends to serve, while all football is paused.

In south Korea all men, who are physically able, to serve in the almost two years of national service in the defence of the country. It relax Son Heung-min and the rest of the south Korean national football team, however, as they are in 2018, won the Asian Games.

instead, Son and co. just review the four mandatory weeks of service, and that’s it, Tottenham-the profile is raised back to do, it sounds.

Even if the ball still rolled, would the Son not have missed much back in London. His season was already past, before the coronaviruses put the Premier League on hiatus due to a broken arm.

Son Heung-min has been in Tottenham since 2015. Since then there have been 220 appearances, in which he has scored 83 goals and 44 assists.

Tottenham keeps coronapause on the number-eight spot in the Premier League, where the team are left to play nine matches.